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DOS Games

Many of these games are not as popular as they should have been. However, I have been playing some for years, and they are often more fun then the corresponding commercial program. Most of the following are shareware, but a few are free, like Moria, my personal all-time favorite (FFVII lasted 30 hours, but I have been playing Moria for more like 3000). Some have sequences that would send the most brave warrior of Half-Life into paroxysms of terror. Most are also very small, and suitable for slower downloading speeds. Anyway, without further ado, here they are:

Works on Original IBM-PC

3D Games..

Most of these require at least a 386 running at 20 MHz. (I could run Wolfenstein 3D on my 12 MHz 286, but I had to make the screensize so small that I couldn't see anything..) Again, the faster your processor is, the better. Most of these are somewhat larger also, so you might want to download them overnight.
Anyway, thanks for coming over !

Fifth Ork.